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Select the version of software to download:



Use this version if at office.

Use this version to get faster performance at home.

No installation version. Unzip to c: drive. Click shortcut to run.

  1. Click one of the three buttons above to download a zip file.

  2. Unzip the zip file and extract both the files to your hard disk Or to c drive, click shortcut to run.

  3. Click the exe extension file placed on your hard disk. Popup will ask permission to launch the file.

  4. Follow the installation instructions in the popups. Use the default for the installation folder. 

  5. Double click the fleet icon that has been placed on your desktop.

  6. The password prompt window  appears (if not visible, click on main window ->File ->Logon):

  7. At the password prompt window, enter the following password (if not already entered) and click Submit:


Name:         client1

Password:  client1

OR            Name:        usa

                 Password:  usa

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