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Ace Actuarial performs a wide range of actuarial and strategic consulting services:


  • IFRS 17 impact analyses

  • Appointed actuary reports

  • Valuation actuary reports

  • Peer reviews and audits of actuary reports

  • Capital adequacy analyses

  • Strategic and financial planning

  • Risk retention analyses

  • Captive funding analyses

  • Deductible optimization analyses

  • Loss Forecast analyses

  • Reinsurance analyses

  • Reserve analyses


  • Predictive Analytics (GLM, Emblem, R Based)

  • Automobile rate reviews

  • Automobile rate filings

  • Classification design

  • Quantification of legislative changes

  • Commercial property rate reviews

  • General liability rate reviews

  • Habitational rate reviews

  • Municipal fire studies

  • Automobile fleet experience rating software

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