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The Ace Fleet Experience Rating Software allows for the management of fleet policies and their premiums. The fleet software is a must have tool for commercial property and liability insurers who need to provide fleet insurance to their insureds. Some features of the fleet software:


  1. The fleet software allows policies to be added, populated, deleted, copied, rerated, exported, imported and accessed from any online PC.

  2. The fleet software is downloaded from the web while the policy data is stored on the web for easy access from any PC. Policy data can be placed on secured-access external servers or can be customized to be placed on the insurer's intranet.

  3. The fleet software can be customized and integrated in the insurer's policy management system.

  4. The fleet software calculates the manual premium and the fleet-rated premium. The software uses rating factor provided by clients and user provided information on fleet rating characteristics, claim and exposure history to generate fleet-rated premium.

  5. The fleet software employs secure communication to central database. Encrypted passwords are transported and validated against stored encrypted passwords. In addition all data is transported using protocol HTTPS and SSL.

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